What is metal fabrication

Metal fabrication process

Metal fabrication refers to the process of constructing metal structures back cutting bending and fabricating the pieces; this process is followed to create machines parts that form as the raw material for structure. Most of the time this is done based on drawings provided by the engineer to construct a particular structure. This process is done by computerized machinery also known as robots, but in small-scale welding shops this is done by two or more people who are assigned to that particular project. This process starts with the engineer drawing out the details with precise measurements and then handing it out to the Assembly line which is then supposed to load it into the computer and make the Machines work or give it to the people who are in charge for assembling that particular structure.
Some of the work done in metal fabrication are the construction of hand railings structural frames for buildings and sometimes also building heavy pieces of equipment.

Here is a more brief explanation of the process followed for fabricating metal.

Metal cutting

The process of cutting.

This is accomplished by Sawing the metal into 2 pieces or by shearing the metal or by chiseling All of this can be accomplished either manually or by using power tools such as a drill, saw, etc. cutting can also be done by torching using plasma torches or oxy-fuel torches. There are cutters of different variables that are available in the market today. One of the present and most innovative forms of cutting is the water Jet cutter which makes use of water and passes the water through the metal at very high speed this cuts the metal, laser cutting Technology is another recent innovation. The process of cutting is the most important in the process of fabricating two metal pieces.

Process of bending

This is another most important step in the process of fabricating two metal pieces, it is essential to bend the metal piece to the right angle using the right tool even a little mistake while bending the metal will result in redoing the entire process all over again, hence it is essential to use the right kind of tools and also make sure that you are bending the metal to the given measurement precisely here are a few ways the process of building a metal can take place. Using a regular hammer one can bend the metal, but you will have to be very precise and perfect in your measurements, press brakes another innovation which will enable us to get the most accurate and perfected to the point result.


The process of assembling.

This is the last and final step in the process of fabricating this is the last and the most important step, in this step both metal pieces will have to be joined together, most of the time this process is done by welding both metal pieces together or sometimes binding them with adhesives or riveting or threaded fasteners These are various ways through which the process of assembling takes place.