What do you mean by welding and fabrication?


Metal fabrication and welding are two words that are always used on the same plain, but in fact metal fabrication means the process of creating an object through different steps that will have to be followed by every metal fabricator and welding is one of the steps involved during the process of metal fabrication, it is easy to get confused as fabrication means joining two materials together or combining two materials together and welding is a method of combining two metal objects together, as you can see in the above sentence metal fabrication is called as a Process and welding is a Method of sticking or joining two metals.

Here is a brief description of metal fabrication and welding.

Metal fabrication.

In this process two or more metals are made to undergo a process that will combine them together the process starts with the metal being cut to procession as given in the blueprint this is the step where they will have to be very careful as even a small variation in measurement can result in a huge difference and the product that is about to be given to the client will be completely out of measurement hence is very essential to make sure that you are cutting the metal precisely according to the measurement give another blueprint there are computerized ways of cutting the metal pieces in order to get the most accurate cut of the metal. After the metal is cut the metal is a either made to bend or stretch or shrink Obtaining the same that is required of as in the blueprint the precision has to be maintained even while bending the metal as it can change the shape of the final product if not went to the right angle there are various ways of bending a metal one of the old and ancient ways of bending a metal is by hammering in the metal to the desired angle or placing it between two iron rods on a wooden plant and then bending it using an iron bending Lever, another way to bend the metal is by using the metal brake machine which will bend the metal to the desired shape with much less effort than compared to the previous other methods of bending metal. After the process of bending metal is completed the last step that is involved in metal fabrication is to combine both the metal pieces using various techniques one of the most used technique is the welding technique, the adhesive technique just a name a few.

It is here that confusion comes between metal fabrication and welding together.


Welding is a process of combining two or more metal pieces different types of welding are followed depending on the circumstance the welding method is chosen. Different types of welding methods are
MIG(inert metal gas) or gas metal arc welding.
Arc welding or shielded metal arc welding.
TIG(inert tungsten gas).
FCAW(flux-cored arc welding)

These are some of the metal welding methods that are used. And welding is just a method of combining two metals and metal fabrication is the process that is involved in combining two metals.